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Understanding Workers’ Compensation Benefits In New Jersey

After a work injury or illness, you shouldn’t have to bear the financial fallout of medical bills and missed work. Thankfully, the workers’ compensation system provides a safety net for injured workers and their loved ones.

Through a workers’ comp claim, you may be entitled to benefits such as:

  • Medical benefits that is, coverage for all of your injury- or illness-related medical treatments, including hospitalizations and rehabilitation
  • Wage replacement benefits, which can be temporary or permanent, partial or full
  • Job retraining or rehabilitation if your injury impacts your ability to work in your previous field
  • Death benefits for surviving family members who lost a loved one to a work accident or illness

The amount of your wage replacement award will depend on multiple factors including the nature and extent of your injury and whether you’re able to work in a partial capacity.

Get Help Pursuing The Full And Fair Benefits You Deserve

Don’t try to navigate the workers’ compensation system alone. Your employer or their insurer might put up roadblocks, causing more headaches during an already stressful time. You could end up with a denied claim or fewer benefits than you’re entitled to receive.

Get a trusted lawyer on your side by calling Johnson Law Firm LLC at 732-333-8751. You can also reach out to us online. Our attorney will draw on more than three decades of workers’ comp experience to help you secure the full benefits you deserve. From our office in Freehold, we serve workers from all walks of life throughout New Jersey.