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Workers’ Comp Benefits For Minors In New Jersey

In New Jersey, minors (those under age 18) who get hurt on the job have the same rights as adult employees when it comes to workers’ compensation.

If you’ve suffered a work-related injury and you’re under age 18, you should explore your options for pursuing a workers’ comp claim. You may be entitled to benefits such as:

  • Medical coverage
  • Wage replacement
  • Job rehabilitation/retraining

Learn more about workers’ comp benefits in New Jersey.

What If The Employer Violated Child Labor Laws?

If it turns out that the minor’s employer violated child labor laws, or put the minor in unsafe working conditions, the minor may be entitled to enhanced workers’ comp benefits. The employer may have to pay double the usual benefits to the minor for certain violations.

Seek Trusted Legal Guidance For Your Minor’s Workers’ Comp Claim

If you or your child got injured on the job, talk to a lawyer who understands the system. Our attorney at Johnson Law Firm LLC in Freehold has more than three decades of experience helping work injury victims and their families pursue compensation. Call us at 732-333-8751 or reach out online to arrange a consultation.