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Filing A Workers’ Compensation Claim In New Jersey

If you get hurt on the job – or develop a work-related illness or injury – you should inform your employer right away. They can get the ball rolling on workers’ comp benefits. Generally, you should start receiving benefits within about two weeks. You should also receive medical coverage through workers’ comp.

If you’re running into delays or your claim gets denied, talk with a lawyer. You can still pursue benefits by:

  • Seeking an informal hearing
  • Filing a formal claim petition

Navigating these processes with the New Jersey Division of Workers’ Compensation can be tricky. You’ll need strong documentation and medical evidence to prove your workers’ compensation case. What’s more, strict deadlines apply. Your best bet is to secure legal advice by working with an experienced workers’ comp attorney.

Get The Help You Need To Pursue A Successful Claim

For guidance on any aspect of filing a workers’ comp claim in New Jersey, contact Johnson Law Firm LLC in Freehold. Our attorney has decades of experience in this niche area of law. Call 732-333-8751 or contact the firm online to learn more.